To be honest…the 10th Annual Brian Hafer Memorial Golf Outing was supposed to be the end.  Sometimes, ten years seems like a good round number to say goodbye. It has been a focal point for a number of individuals for the past ten years.  It is cliché to say it was a labor of love….but it was. So it seemed like a good time to say thanks and say goodbye. For our Outing, we did say thanks (and only sought to give out prizes as “thank you’s” for 10 great years), but saying goodbye was a little harder to do.  When you believe you are making a difference in your community, it is especially hard to say goodbye.

With a youthful infusion of family love, we are excited to begin our next ten years and hope to make our eleventh year our best!

One thought on “Revitalization

  • Joe Walusis

    The interesting thing about this golf outing, is the feedback we’ve received for 10 years. It’s how different our outing is compared to the many in the area. Possibly being family run, we seem to have made a lot of friendships and a vast majority of those who played in the first outing have come back every year. Their comments have been that they feel they are part of our extended family and the warm welcoming they get on the day of the outing and that amount of just flat out fun they have, be it Dave and Don on the grill, the cart gals that bring the treats around or just camaraderie with the many family members and others who play year in and year out. I personally invite you to the experience and to become part of our extended family, believe me you’ll have no regrets.


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