About Brian Hafer

Brian was an All-American boy, excelling at school, music and sports. He attended college on a Division I basketball scholarship. After graduation, he entered the business world where professional successes quickly followed. He helped form and then fronted the popular band, “Freeflow Conspiracy.” He was active in his church, and was a loving father to his daughter. His smile was unmistakable; his personality unparalleled; and his love undeniable. Despite his many successes, Brian battled drug and alcohol addiction, which eventually took his life. A few months after Brian’s death, Brian’s family discussed the idea of hosting a memorial golf tournament to honor Brian. The tournament was conceived to both remember Brian and to raise more funds for drug awareness. A short time later, the Brian Hafer Foundation was formed, and now operates as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt entity. The Foundation’s mission is to highlight drug awareness and to remind individuals that abuse knows no borders and willingly permeates every social structure. Too often we see signs of abuse, but, for various and different reasons elect to look away. The Foundation endeavors to understand this reaction and redirect our focus. Through compassion and awareness a better tomorrow awaits.

Family Creates Foundation After Loss of Star Athlete