About the foundation

On October 23, 2009, Brian Hafer died as a result of drug and alcohol abuse – an outcome that his family and friends still struggle to understand. Though tragic, Brian’s death instilled a desire in many stakeholders to better understand the demons that haunted Brian and impart any gained awareness to others who may also be looking for answers or help. Such desire quickly grew from familial comfort; to an impromptu golf outing; to community outreach; to a fully committed and active organization. Through Compassion and Awareness A Better Tomorrow Awaits. We now count several corporate sponsors, friends, designees and donors as community partners.

The Brian Hafer Foundation, an Ohio non-profit corporation is organized and registered with the Ohio Secretary of State. As a result of the success of the Foundation’s initial outreach and fundraising, the Foundation requested and subsequently received its IRS designation as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in 2010. The charitable proceeds raised to date have permitted the Foundation to benefit several designees, and to expand its reach to Conroe, Texas, where the Foundation’s next golf outing will be held on March 26, 2012.

The Foundation’s mission is to highlight drug and alcohol awareness. The Foundation seeks to partner with like-minded organizations to learn, promote and improve society’s reaction to drug and alcohol abuse. Presently, the Foundation has partnered with The First Tee of Greater Miami Valley. Together, we intend to benefit The First Tee’s National School Program, and collectively deliver the Nine Core Values™ to local Dayton City schoolchildren. The Foundation is pursuing a similar partnership with the First Tee of Greater Houston to further benefit the National School Program.

Because Brian was an avid golfer, and because the Foundation’s initial slate of Directors likewise enjoyed golf and had participated in countless golf outings, the Foundation’s initial fundraising efforts have developed around its memorial golf tournaments. The Foundation hopes to grow its assets to both benefit its designated beneficiaries and expand its community outreach. The Foundation is organized to serve the communities of Dayton, Ohio and Conroe, Texas, and looks to eventually expand to Florida. Each city played a crucial role in Brian’s development. Someday, the Foundation hopes to have a nationwide impact. Brian would expect nothing less.

If you or your organization would like to discuss partnership opportunities with the Foundation, please contact Kyle Duwel.

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